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May 21st, 2002

09:28 pm - Location
In case I comment on someone's post, and he/she thinks "who is this guy?" and then wanders over here looking, I can be found here.

Rebuttals, comments, and other smart-aleck remarks welcome.

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January 22nd, 2002

08:20 am
Mr. Krugman usually agrees with me (snicker); he does so again in this column about the Administration and tax policy.
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January 11th, 2002

07:44 pm
I've been up in arms about the executive order which forbade release of presidential papers, but this is unbelievable. (Link lifted from Skarlet, with my thanks). Our illustrious Attorney General, who just decided he'd better recuse himself from any Enron hearings, recently (Oct. 12) issued an order telling federal agencies not to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests. Further, he has said the Dept. of Justice will back up said agencies in any court fight they may have to keep from releasing information. Anyone else reminded of Stalin, Andropov, et al.?

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04:20 pm - RE: Enron
A friend came up with a good line about this administration; she was referring more to their blocking of access to Presidential papers, but it works for Enron too:

"I'm restraining myself from making a reeeally bad pun about Obfusgate..."

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January 10th, 2002

09:14 pm
Now comes Arthur Andersen's announcement that they've somehow lost or destroyed documents pertaining to their audit of Enron. I've worked places where Big Five companies did the audits; the ones I worked with could pull workpapers from three, four, or five years earlier without too much of a stretch.

Apparently Andersen itself felt that its original statement needed clarification. Looking to your hole card, guys?

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08:12 pm
On the heels of pixelshim's account of his experiences, here's another story of that Excite@home debacle.

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09:34 am
More Enron (I may be fixated; hey, I was a Clinton supporter. What can I say?) "Fleischer warned Democrats this morning against investigations into the Bush administration's dealings with Enron. 'The American people are tired of partisan witch hunts and endless investigations,' he said."

Speak for yourself, Ari.
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08:54 am
"Skilling has said he had no idea, despite Enron's falling stock values, that the company was on the brink of failure."

Which, if true, makes one wonder just what qualifications the man had to be a CEO of a billion-dollar company.
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January 9th, 2002

01:49 pm - Quips?
Yikes! Since sherahi put the pressure on, have a list of E-Book best-sellers in 2001, according to Palm, Inc. I suspect, based on this material, that we can expect no decline in hard-copy books anytime soon.

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January 8th, 2002

09:49 pm - Site update
I've now got a working comment system over here, as well. Feel free to stop by!

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